A little custom styling can go a long way

A few weeks back, I helped my mate Dan Stoll in showing him how to make use of 3rd party Javascript libraries to implement tabbed pages within a Nintex Form. See this article to get up to speed: http://www.sharepointpub.com/jquery-ui-tabs-and-nintex-forms/

If you take a look at the end result in the linked article, it was functional, but it didn’t look very pretty. A quick look at some of the more popular websites on the net show some great examples (example one, two and three) of how a fairly standard web form can look.

Now, I’m not a web designer or formally trained in User Experience (UX), but I am a big fan of simple, bold, easy-on-the-eye forms.

With that in mind, I wanted to take the sample utilizing tabs one step further; I wanted to make it look as good as it should!

A Register form built with Nintex Forms

Here’s the form published to Nintex Live for anonymous access: http://ntx.lv/1ahndPs  <– Click the link to see what’s possible!

Have a play with the tabs and fill in some data. Don’t worry, you’re not actually signing up for anything 🙂


Now, some people out there would think there’s no way this is a Nintex Form! Well, to them I’d say, think again. Our product is fairly extensible so that you can get what you need done by including a bit of CSS and JS…

The bottom line is the form is looking and feeling way more user friendly. It’s just a concept, so there are lots of room for improving things. But the takeaway is that custom styling can do a great deal in improving the usability of a Nintex Form.

So how do you go about getting something styled like this? Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post which will be up shortly!

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